Living an Amazing Life (LAAL) Podcast

Everyone wants to live an amazing life; everyone! But why isn’t everyone living the lives they dream of? Irrespective of circumstances, we all derive from the same source. We are all poets, musicians, authors, statesmen, stateswomen, intellectuals, scholars, and; more importantly, we all possess the one key attribute that has the supernatural power to deliver the amazing life we most chiefly desire—Imagination. Everything you imagine can become your reality; everything! Imagination, while one of our human endowments, does not have any true intrinsic value until we apply a sound set of principles and habits to the things we imagine; the things we dream of. To live a highly successful life, you have to dream enormously big and apply your amazingly ridiculous habits. Such habits are ridiculous because only a few highly successful people are doing the ridiculous things they do to make their big dreams their reality.

Kobe Bryant talked about practicing 4 to 5 times a day. He would stay and practice on the court after his teammates had gone home. Imagine the ridiculous habits applied by Elon Musk to make his dreams of Tesla and Space X become realities. Consider Denzel Washington, Lebron James, Drake, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey. A great friend of mine, Former 49ers 7-times Pro-bowl Linebacker, Patrick Willis, once described to me the habits he applied to his dreams of becoming a superstar in the NFL. His habits were amazingly ridiculous! Imagine the amazingly ridiculous habits utilized by those who you celebrate and idolize. You can apply those same set of principles and habits to your big dreams.

In my latest book, AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS: Dream Big, Be Ridiculous, and Live an Amazing Life, I describe 19 Amazingly Ridiculous Habits, when applied to your biggest dreams, lead to you living an amazing life; the life you truly desire to live. AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS is a Mindset. Create it! It is a Destination. Seek it! It is a Lifestyle. Live it! AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS Habits are all about creating, seeking, and living an amazing life; the life you really desire. I don’t just describe 19 ridiculous arbitrary habits; I have applied all of them in my own life in bringing my big dreams to fruition.

I dreamed of being an author when I was a young man. I have written and published three books and have published books of other authors. I even created my own book publishing company, Hickey House Books, and publish my books under my own imprint. My previous books are 12 INSIGHTS: An Uncompromising Examination of Life and The Hoola Hoop Paradigm: Become as Successful as You Want to Be. My coming books are: Everyday: My Absolute Best for My King; Greatness Is What Greatness Does: The 10 Principles of Exceptional Leadership, and The Great Reckoning: Powers, Principalities, and the Failure of American Democracy. Additionally, I own my own business consulting firm, Hickey Associates & Hickey, and founded the HELIN INSTITUTE, a National Think Tank. I have also risen to the levels of Assistant Superintendent in public-school administration and Senior Vice President in private companies. I dreamed the big dreams of being successful, applied the 19 amazingly ridiculous habits I describe in my book, and live an amazing life. And I want you to do the same.

Living an Amazing Life Podcast restores to you your belief in your own guidance. You really do have the power to live the life you dream of living. So, dream your biggest dreams and be ridiculous with your habits. Yes, everyone wants to live an amazing life filled with success, happiness, and joy! But how does one really live the life one really wants to live? How does one make one’s big dreams come true? How does one truly become highly successful? Living an Amazing Life Podcast answers the how for you and gives you the tools to create your own amazing life.